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Instarem Payment API FX payments Send a payment to a beneficiary.
Jenga Account Services transaction history account balance account creation JengaAPI provides you with insights and notifications to the services we power as well as those of our partner bank.
Jenga Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Get Airtime B2B payments merchant payments bill payments Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Get Airtime
Jenga Credit data credit score Extend loans and credit to the right customer for the right amount and build loyalty and value add services to keep your customer hooked.
Jenga Payment Gateway B2B payments Jenga Payment Gateway offers an intuitive and convenient buying experience that can help your customers spend more time shopping and less...
Jenga Receive Payments ecommerce payments Accept Cards, Mobile Money, Bank Account Payments in a simple and convenient way from your customers
Jenga RegTech identity/KYC The best business decisions are always made with more information. De-risk all your financial services and protect your customers and...
Jenga Send Money P2P payments Mobile Payments, Bank Transfers, Card P2P, Cross Border & International Remittance
Kiva API SME payments credit microfinance Developers worldwide are helping us make it easy and transparent to lend to the working poor via microfinance and the Kiva API.
Lazada Open API Platform ecommerce Lazada Open Platform is an integrated platform that provides end-to-end API development, provision, upgrade, and operations. It enables...
Mastercard Assurance IQ DFS fintech payments authentication fraud Provides merchants with a risk assessment: Establish a confidence level regarding the user’s digital identity to determine if a further...
Mastercard BIN Table Resource credit cards DFS fraud identity authorization payments fintech The Mastercard BIN Table Resource contains up-to-date active Mastercard valid issuing account ranges that can be used for authorization...
Mastercard Market Insights Services DFS market research data services payments fintech Access trend and sales data at industry and micro-sector levels far earlier than government or other industry sources
Mastercard MATCH DFS fintech payments fraud security Help acquirers identify potentially high-risk merchants before entering to a merchant agreement.
Mastercard Merchant Identifier DFS data payments cards retail fintech Provides rich information about a given merchant
Mastercard rePower DFS payments fintech Allows you to add cash to your eligible Mastercard or Maestro Prepaid Card.
MercadoLibre Marketplace payments ads services vehicles real estate stores products ecommerce The main characteristic that sets MercadoLibre API apart from other APIs is that ours is easily monetizable. Our resources will help you...
MercadoPago payments MercadoPago is a service that lets you send and receive money online for purchases on MercadoLibre or in any other commerce that...
MercadoShops ecommerce Create shop-based/ecommerce websites and applications
Mobile Connect authentication The Mobile Connect API specifies a set of operations that allow developers to interact with operator ID Gateways.

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