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Banco do Brasil Financial Reports transaction history account balance BB Financial Reports API allows you to query statements of: checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts and credit card.
Banco do Brasil Payments reversals ecommerce payments BB Payments API helps you process payments for purchases made by users on your application.
Banco Itaú Argentina Accounts Administration account balance Online consultation of Itaú account statements and movements
Banco Itaú Argentina Comprehensive Wallet Service P2P payments A new way to manage collections and payments through the CVU administration service for Payment Service Providers. It allows you to...
Banco Itaú Argentina CUIT / CBU / Alias validation identity/KYC Verify any CBU / CVU / Aliases of the financial system against the data of your clients
Banco Itaú Argentina DEBIN P2P payments Request debits in your clients' accounts from any bank in the financial system
Banco Itaú Argentina Payments P2P payments Make payments online and 24x7 to any CBU or CVU of the financial system
Banco Itaú Argentina Product Commercialization bank products For those who market loans, financial services or others, you will have the option of disbursing 24x7 loans and expanding your payment...
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Authentication for debit card payment identity/KYC API to request the authentication model that will be used to make debit card payments
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Card Payments P2P payments Receive payments from your clients through the Mercantile Payment Button, which allows transactions with national and international...
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Mobile Payments P2P payments The C2P API allows your company to receive interbank payments in bolivars through a cell phone number, so that your customers can...
Banco Mercantil Do Brasil Transaction Search account balance This API allows you to locate information on your transactions made with credit cards, debit cards or C2P payments easily and quickly
Banco Pan Payroll Loan loan application APIs for simulation, typing, monitoring and digital formalization of Payroll Loan proposals
Banco Pan Vehicle Financing loan application APIs for simulation, typing, monitoring and digital formalization of vehicle financing proposals
Banco Pichincha AIS account balance This service allows you to obtain a list of PSU accounts, including account balances if required. As a requirement, it is assumed that...
Banco Pichincha FCS P2P payments This type of message is used in the fund consultation service. The HUB consults the ASPSP for the availability of funds for a given amount
Banco Pichincha PIS P2P payments Payment Initiation Services
Banco Rendimento Balance Request account balance Plug your account statement to most used channel
Banco Rendimento Boleto Collection and Management merchant payments Issue and manage boletos for suppliers or clients
Banco Rendimento Credit loan application Verification and authorization of personal credit for you and your customers, integrated with your online platform

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