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Airtel Happy Hours You can now leverage happy hours by scheduling your in-app content downloads between 3-5AM so your users save on data consumption. All...
Airtel Operatory Discovery API check service availability This API enables the partners to fetch the operator and circle details for the given mobile number.
Apache Fineract white labeled Apache Fineract is a secure, multi-tenanted microfinance platform. The goal of the Apache Fineract API is to empower developers to build...
BanRegio account balance transaction history Our API is a set of tools and services that allows the developer to interact easily and securely with banking services. All operations...
IndiaStack Aadhaar AUTH authentication Aadhaar authentication is the process wherein Aadhaar Number, along with other attributes, including biometrics, are submitted online to...
Jenga Account Services transaction history account balance account creation JengaAPI provides you with insights and notifications to the services we power as well as those of our partner bank.
Mastercard Digital Enablement Service ecommerce payments Provides services around the tokenization of Mastercard card numbers for increased payment security.
MercadoLibre Marketplace merchant payments ecommerce payments The main characteristic that sets MercadoLibre API apart from other APIs is that ours is easily monetizable. Our resources will help you...
Open Contacts merchant creation API enables customers to create or identify a contact.
Orange Discover CDN Select check service availability Improve the delivery of your web content in Africa
Safaricom Account Balance Request account balance Use this API to enquire the balance on an M-Pesa BuyGoods (Till Number).
Safaricom B2B B2B payments Mpesa Transaction from one company to another
Safaricom B2C Payment Request check service availability Use this API to transact between an M-Pesa short code to a phone number registered on M-Pesa
Safaricom C2B authentication Register URL for Validation/Confirmation and Simulate transaction
Safaricom Lipa M-PESA Online merchant payments ecommerce payments For Lipa Na M-Pesa online payment using STK Push.
Safaricom OAuth authentication Gives you time bound access token to call allowed APIs
Safaricom Reversal reversals Transaction Reversal API reverses a M-Pesa transaction.
Safaricom Transaction Status account balance transaction history Use this API to check the status of transaction
Union Bank Savings and Current Account Interest Rate bank products The Savings and Current Account Interest Rate API is one of the UnionBank Application programming interfaces (APIs) that provides...

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