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12/07/19   Flex Insights dashboards visualization partner maintenance December 7th, 2019, at 1:00-3:00 AM PDT
12/03/19   eBay Shopping API - Release Notes
12/03/19   It is revealing that the Hong Kong authorities haven't been able to produce a single demonstration in support of th… https://t.co/NgbTGLf2c9
12/03/19   RT @ajassy: Customers have been asking for ways to experiment w/ #quantumcomputing & explore the technology’s potential – excited to give f…
12/03/19   TOMORROW! Join us for an in-depth look at how the streaming-video marketplace is changing. Register for the… https://t.co/REBQcfTweo
12/03/19   MMS delivery delays to US Operators
12/03/19   @alexplank @garrett_wollman @DanGrover No, I mean no one called TV shows "content" back in the day. That's a post-web usage
12/03/19   AT&T Mexico SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
12/03/19   @snapes_ Hi Ric. Could you let us know how you're accessing Google Calendar (Web/iOS/Android)? Also, we suggest you… https://t.co/bk0vnEFsPV
12/03/19   @alexplank @garrett_wollman @DanGrover Also no one said "content"
12/03/19   @alexstamos Followed by renaming San Francisco's largest hospital after themselves
12/03/19   The Hong Kong government and Hong Kong population now inhabit divergent realities. The government lives in a city w… https://t.co/BBAiVc7naq
12/03/19   Podcast: A Brief History of Black Software
12/03/19   Perversely, the factor that may have kept people from stampeding and getting hurt in the crush is that so many have… https://t.co/K59s1s5NLl
12/03/19   The tear gassing was worse because it occurred without warning in a section of the march where there is no way off… https://t.co/qUiksWg7d1
12/03/19   For whatever reason, Carrie Lam is either lying about the Sunday protest in Hong Kong, or passing along lies she wa… https://t.co/D2qE2RDusi
12/03/19   Deploying Google Cloud SQL Server to Heroku
12/03/19   @JerryEugene 👋😁 https://t.co/AYLd0zTfEk
12/03/19   @sl2c Sorry, I can't hear you through these upholstered head cans
12/03/19   Has anyone invented a hearing aid that plays podcasts, or am I about to be rich
12/03/19   RT @AWSreInvent: Highlights from the #AWSDeepRacer Summit! #reInvent https://t.co/TGbeaq6y2S
12/03/19   @_barretme My entire life was spent not being in that generation
12/03/19   @lauraklein I'm still getting used to flashlights that can last a billion years on a single battery and are half as bright as the sun
12/03/19   RT @googlestudents: Google Code‑in 2019 has begun🎉🎉! This global, online contest introduces pre-university students to the world of open s…
12/03/19   "The Real World" is different in Hong Kong https://t.co/H74pdztBVx