API News

API Date Type Source Title
07/30/20   US Toll-Free SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/23/20   US Toll-Free SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/16/20   US Toll-Free SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/12/20   US SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/09/20   US Toll-Free SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/05/20   SMS Carrier Maintenance - AT&T Mexico
07/02/20   T-Mobile - United States SMS carrier maintenance
07/02/20   US Toll-Free SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance
07/02/20   SMS Carrier Partner Maintenance - Small US Regional Carriers
07/01/20   eBay Trading API - Release Notes
07/01/20   eBay Shopping API - Release Notes
07/01/20   @matthildos Hi there. Thanks for the feedback! You can also send it here: Google Drive app > Menu > Help & Feedback. Appreciate it!
07/01/20   @tom_birtles Hey Tom 👋 Sorry about the trouble, unfortunately our saving providers have the right to change their i… https://t.co/GeQyoWZkKO
07/01/20   Sashimi delivery apps are getting intense https://t.co/xSOe9DviBP
07/01/20   Learn how to unlock the real value from your data & create a foundation for rapid innovation while achieving agilit… https://t.co/Tb5tl903sz
07/01/20   "Double Blind Testing weeds out the bias that can diminish the effectiveness of your data analysis." How to Make G… https://t.co/BBxoutSX8n
07/01/20   @CallumMoriarty Glad all is sorted on our end! Rest assured, if you card is blocked they won't be able to make any payments 🙌
07/01/20   @CallumMoriarty Sorry about the trouble, sounds like it's happening 😞 Please don't hesitate to reach out if you nee… https://t.co/6ZWgfoiPnr
07/01/20   @FeldAryeh 👋 Hey Aryeh. You can use 'lookup_key' on the Price object: https://t.co/HhMjZbr5Pu. After creating the p… https://t.co/KLc3Uovw7m
07/01/20   Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, Amazon ECR, AWS App Mesh… We can’t keep the lid on all of these containers! Yo… https://t.co/0uaw7bB1UG
07/01/20   @Volopy01 👋 You can create a Stripe account if you're under 18. You'll just need a legal guardian to sign off! https://t.co/8zBIAAehht.
07/01/20   Hi @lejanpedro, Thank you for contacting Paga. Please message us via DM for further assistance. Sincere apologies f… https://t.co/Ci2MExzO5d
07/01/20   Did you know you can download the Dusupay Plugin for Woocommerce on the wordpress plugin store. Its absolutely free… https://t.co/ZwlsQx94Iq
07/01/20   Economies, businesses and the world as a whole have experienced a shift to #digital. This ‘new normal’ has reinvent… https://t.co/J5dl3suCeR
07/01/20   My reaction in this situation would be to tweet something snide about 1password being unusable and then paste in th… https://t.co/721ebESXvn