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Name: PayDunya
Description: Simple and secure payment solution for individuals and companies.
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PayDunya Payment and Redistribution This option is very interesting if you want to create your own payment solution over PayDunya or if you have to pay a certain percentage for each sale. The money is received on the recipient accounts and the service is not charged. You can transfer funds to other PayDunya customer accounts from your account via the Payment and Redirection API (PER).
PayDunya Payment without Redirection The "Payment Without Redirection (PSR)" service allows you to charge your PayDunya customers directly to your website or mobile application.
PayDunya Payment with Redirection PayDunya's "Payment With Redirection (PAR)" service allows you to redirect your customer to our platform so that it can complete the payment process. We recommend using the "Payment With Redirection (PAR)" API because it is the most suitable in 99% of cases. The main advantage of this option is that customers can choose to pay from a variety of payment options available on our platform. In addition, if a new option is added in the future, it will appear directly on the payment page without you having to change anything in your source code.


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