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07/01/20   @wydnr_ We'd like to take a look into this—mind sending us a DM so we can take a peek at things with you? https://t.co/COPOwrTFSO
07/01/20   @jennyjaffe Thanks, Jenny! You're more than welcome in our swamp.
07/01/20   RT @CT_Bergstrom: Via @catcontentonly / @lastpositivist https://t.co/qzbpGnVxRb
07/01/20   @ZaBlanc @DocLanceP @RepDMB No, it's actually quite good. It's old code because it works fine. Same logic as an old building.
07/01/20   @DocLanceP @ZaBlanc @RepDMB All working code is good. First lesson of being a techie
07/01/20   RT @appledaily_hk: Brave Hongkongers #NationalSecurityLaw https://t.co/1K8jD9rUci
07/01/20   Re: I can't create EC2 instance with t3.micro in free tier
07/01/20   Reply to random pics
07/01/20   Tech workers have been supporting Diane and three other great outsider candidates since 2017. If you're learning ab… https://t.co/Kp9a0NI8bS
07/01/20   RT @eosiakwan: https://t.co/F8bAESnJRS - ends #June on a great note and opens #July and the second half of 2020 for M&A — loud applause to…
07/01/20   🤫 Pssst! In case you noticed some color changes in the Contentful UI, we updated our design system Forma 36 to meet… https://t.co/inIoaHdZoy
07/01/20   RT @SCOJAY_: Pan-African payments gateway, MFS Africa acquires Beyonic in an undisclosed deal https://t.co/0CduEzfkK9 https://t.co/i9W9k51C…
07/01/20   RT @technextdotng: New post: MFS Africa Acquires B2B digital payments Startup, Beyonic to Bring Global Payment Services to African SMEs htt…
07/01/20   RT @TheDFSLab: Huge congratulations to @danbabbles, @lukekyohere and the whole @beyonictech team on their exit. #Founders and #investors…
07/01/20   "Google Analytics is a fantastic tool because it eliminates the guesswork as to how visitors behave on a website."… https://t.co/WvDf4mK4LM
07/01/20   Why is a suburban real estate developer with no political background or talent our nominee for Senate in Iowa? Beca… https://t.co/Qqo3rgYxzv
07/01/20   Read our new eBook to improve service levels, product quality, & operational equipment effectiveness.… https://t.co/sGSmHKTIqC
07/01/20   @lukeshiru Hi Luke, thanks for reaching out. Your links shouldn't change. Can you DM us the links you're seeing thi… https://t.co/kUMDkiDUqx
07/01/20   We were thrilled to join some of our European clients today for a discussion on #socrata product updates and intere… https://t.co/ShvwjnaBoP
07/01/20   Monitoring: We have monitored the fix and confirmed the issue has been resolved. We greatly appreciate your patienc… https://t.co/cQiB0hKhLt
07/01/20   Upgrading SUSE 12 SP4 to SLES 15 SP1
07/01/20   Announcing the Porting Assistant for .NET
07/01/20   “My shop's mission is to provide products that are inclusive, create a safe space that is accepting of all walks of… https://t.co/u62OTgLpWw
07/01/20   Use PrivateLink to send data between availability zones?
07/01/20   From California to the world, take a look at today's #GoodreadsWithAView! 📸 : mooberrypies on Instagram 📚 : 'Ups… https://t.co/bIlXJdmhne