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07/01/20   RT @SpreedlySupport: To promote the mental health and overall well-being of our employees, Spreedly will be closed July 2nd-7th. We will mo…
07/01/20   @szabikr Not a bad shout at all! We've passed this idea back to the team 🙌
07/01/20   @bcye_tw 👋 Thanks for flagging this with us Bruce. Mind sharing the URL you're looking at so we can take a peek at things as well?
07/01/20   Got a question about 3DS? Sign up for our July 15th Fireside Chat with Andy Badke (Arc'teryx) and Daniel Pelegero (… https://t.co/d5V30xhQUa
07/01/20   Run a business built on subscriptions? This episode of Payments Dialog is for you! Get ideas to make vaulting agnos… https://t.co/fOicua8Vcq
07/01/20   Check out our Community Template Gallery for a list of active tag and variable templates for Tag Manager →… https://t.co/0mdtFz7E6f
07/01/20   Reply to Recent change — uploaded descriptions suddenly mis-formatted
07/01/20   I testified about the conceptual inadequacy of privacy as individual consent in a Senate hearing last year, and how… https://t.co/o2d4WItqnR
https://cgap.apidashboard.io/communications/509320 07/01/20   The #India #monsoon arrived 2 weeks earlier than expected in some places. Farmers are rapidly planting to take adva… https://t.co/p7o6FDIgkd
07/01/20   Reply to Recent change — uploaded descriptions suddenly mis-formatted
07/01/20   Hopefully designers can find room for this link somewhere between the warning about cookies and the GDPR opt-in tex… https://t.co/kFKdDj7NYl
07/01/20   @cedricbastin Thanks for the feedback - we'll be sure to pass this back onto the team 🚀
07/01/20   @Tez46 Yes it is, but if you have any trouble or get stuck then just reach out to us via the Help tab in the app an… https://t.co/wDzLFf8d8H
07/01/20   Check out our new Porting Assistant for .NET! A tool that scans .NET Framework applications and generates a .NET Co… https://t.co/nwDzD6zNyP
07/01/20   RT @zeynep: This photo is in an article in the Washington Post that has many reasonable and important points about unmasked crowding *indoo…
07/01/20   @ashrodwell That sounds magical! You'll need to share a pic once it's completed - we can't wait to see 📸🧙‍♀️
07/01/20   1st day of the month check list: ✅ pay rent ✅ subscribe to the #socrata monthly newsletter… https://t.co/Q0OhCkQQRZ
07/01/20   @mj_lalande Sorry to hear about the trouble Molly - unfortunately we can't look into this over Twitter, but if you… https://t.co/H7fOlQUswJ
07/01/20   @kirstyscapture Sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with this payment Kirsty 😔 If you head over to the trans… https://t.co/orL3Kp3ic9
07/01/20   @astitchaway_ @JosieeElla Thanks for the shoutout Leigh, we're so glad we could help you grow your savings! 💸 https://t.co/wlizHfJuc3
07/01/20   RT @ThePaypers: .@Visa Token Service issues 1 bln #tokens worldwide https://t.co/X15Zqbt0Jm #digitalidentity #securingtransactions
07/01/20   RT @Maxtropolitan: My hot take is that American and European health authorities ignored East Asian preventative mask wearing practices for…
07/01/20   @ashrodwell What's been your favourite delivery 📦
07/01/20   @THEMCWICKERS We're really sorry to hear about this - unfortunately there's a really high demand for support right… https://t.co/K7xPf0SvhT
07/01/20   @JordanLStone Sorry to hear about the trouble you've had trying to get through to us on the phone Jordan - if it's… https://t.co/Bo1bYWQlHZ