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API Summary
Flipkart Listing Management API The Listing APIs enable a seller to use the Listing ID or SKU ID to check and update attributes such as MRP, selling price, stock count, shipping fee (local,...
Flipkart Affiliates Offer APIs Offer APIs enable registered affiliates to get details on: - The complete list of active offers on Flipkart - The deals of the day
Flipkart Affiliates Report APIs The Report APIs allow registered affiliates to get reports of: - All affiliate-driven orders - All affiiate-driven Flipkart mobile app installations
Flipkart Affiliates Product APIs Get details on (a) products in the actively marketed categories, (b) search for products based on keywords, (d) query based on Product ID
Flipkart Order Management API Standard Fulfilment and Self Ship APIs in the Order Management framework.
Flipkart Marketplace Seller APIs The FMS APIs allow a seller’s applications to programmatically access and exchange data with the Flipkart Marketplace. They automate all business processes...

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