Company: Data Zoo

Name: Data Zoo
Description: Data Zoo is an APAC centric business verifying billions of individuals instantaneously through one API service. Our IDU solution is the most comprehensive electronic identity solution. Online, real-time and delivery on a single platform. Giving you access to the widest and most in-depth identity data across the APAC region and abroad. We enable organisations to take their banking services to the customer electronically and instantaneously without needing to go into a branch to be verified. Ensuring organisations meet their Know Your Customer (KYC) and international Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations.
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Data Zoo We bring a global identity solution that specialises in the APAC region for organisations to manage their AML/CT, KYC and age/identity verification. You can verify all your customers’ details against multiple; independent and reliable databases, reducing any risk or fraud.


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This company does not publicly disclose any integrations, customers or partnerships based on their APIs, so we are unable to provide an estimate.

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