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API Date Type Source Title
07/13/19   @Damiginate24 Hello David, kindly send us a DM with further details of this debut received to enable us assist you with this.
07/13/19   @cozzbie @getBarterApp Hi @cozzbie. Sincere apologies for this experience. Kindly send us a DM for further assistan… https://t.co/4sch1pyQTi
07/13/19   @i_FIX_you Hi @i_FIX_you sincere apologies for this experience. kindly send us a DM for further assistance.
07/13/19   @o_abatan @o_abatan, Kindly send us a DM for further engagement.
07/13/19   @cozzbie Hi @cozzbie, kindly send us a DM to enable us assist you in resolving this.
07/13/19   @o_abatan Yes please this mail was received.
07/12/19   @mrflamez_ Hello @mrflamez_ we are pleased to know this. Do feel free to reach out to us if you require further assistance.
07/12/19   @mrflamez_ Hello @mrflamez_ kindly share with us more details of this transaction regarding lost funds to enable us investigate further.
07/12/19   @Miirrssss Hello @Miirrssss, sincere apologies for the delayed response, kindly share with us your mobile number vi… https://t.co/tHEOMxd61x
07/12/19   @Miirrssss Hello @Miirrssss, Sincere apologies for the delayed response kindly check your DM for further engagement.
07/12/19   @Olaniyanjosiaht Acknowledged, Thank you.
07/12/19   @cici_lade Hello Cici, Be rest assured that your query is been resolved as investigations are currently on going.
07/12/19   @Kunle_Ayandele Hello Adekunle, Thank you for notifying us, please be rest assured we are currently investigating t… https://t.co/0iWplDyoHR
07/12/19   @Olaniyanjosiaht Hello Olaniyanjosiaht, Thank you for sharing this, kindly share with us the email address attached… https://t.co/LPAvZfRdoG
07/12/19   @Olaniyanjosiaht Hello @Olaniyanjosiaht Kindly share with us more details of this transaction (transaction date and… https://t.co/OHPP7hQ5AP
07/12/19   @Tomisiin Hello @Tomisiin, We sincerely apologize for the delayed receipts, please be rest assured that your feedba… https://t.co/FzQUEFwYuD
07/12/19   @hubbonNG Hello, kindly send us a DM containing your barter login email address.
07/12/19   @Alh_IsahM Hello Mohammed. Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Please be informed that we are currently inve… https://t.co/SFqnWT1nGc
07/12/19   @keshimillion Hi Kesh, kindly send us a DM to enable us assist you with this issue.
07/12/19   @o_abatan Please send to hi@flutterwavego.com
06/27/19   @0lisa_ Hello there! We appreciate your feedback, our aim is provide our customers with a delightful experience whi… https://t.co/1ThCX0Or8L
06/27/19   @afroerudite Hi Temi, thank you for providing us the opportunity to speak with you. We are grateful for the privile… https://t.co/RTQ3fOnCRx
06/27/19   @afroerudite Hi Temi! thank you for reaching out. Are you unhappy with our services or we have failed to meet your… https://t.co/GmXLMk1Tqt
06/27/19   @Miirrssss Hi there! Our support email address is hi@flutterwavego.com. However to enable us assist you further ple… https://t.co/IpLL3yQUAT
06/27/19   @elevateboss We truly appreciate your feedback and we will continue to improve to enable us provide our customers w… https://t.co/GlppNNzv6X