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06/30/20   RT @Ace_KYD: Setting up a Shopify store? Collect your payments with ease using Flutterwave https://t.co/PusW33YaCM
06/30/20   @KanyeCeeJay 🦋❤️
06/29/20   Following the tragic loss of Olamide Alli in Lagos, Nigeria, the good people of @AgsTribe have come together to set… https://t.co/WKSbLHTseG
06/29/20   RT @Shediest: Yay!!! You can now order and pay for your Big Fish Cocktails from your phone! No more "DM to order." 🤣🤣See what's in stock, p…
06/29/20   We’re live with our Grow My Business Webinar 🥳 Yinka Adebayo, ED of Media Investment will be sharing the best ways… https://t.co/q0AbN1qhXy
06/27/20   Branding is beyond just a memorable logo. It’s all about getting your customers to see you. We are excited to hav… https://t.co/btdA4WC2EC
06/26/20   "Journey in Entrepreneurship" podcast is live !! Our CEO @TechProd_Arch will be having a live Q&A session on every… https://t.co/dVMSMSXtGA
06/25/20   Join our CCO, Ife Orioke & @EndeavorEspana @EndeavorNigeria Entrepreneurs as they share ways they are driving new s… https://t.co/FVPuk3SNfR
06/25/20   Just a few minutes to go 🥳 Join our Head of Legal, David Oluranti & Chief Global Compliance officer, Mobolaji Bamm… https://t.co/da5YOj8jcz
06/23/20   It's now been 2 months since we kicked off our Grow My Business series - we have connected businesses with experts… https://t.co/NsFKSGBIWd
06/22/20   RT @EndeavorNigeria: We’re looking forward to this webinar with Endeavor Entrepreneurs, including Ife Orioke (CCO, @theflutterwave). Regist…
06/22/20   Do you have a Digital product you'd like to sell online? Perhaps you're a content creator, writer or self-published… https://t.co/ITyp3RjWJo
06/22/20   RT @EndeavorEspana: New Webinar! Leveraging new opportunities through innovation by @Endeavor Entrepreneurs Verónica Pascual, Ife Orioke a…
06/22/20   We’re live with our webinar with Uche Lotanna-Anajemba Come and learn ways you can keep your employees motivated &… https://t.co/RMPYRKLErp
06/21/20   Happy Fathers Day to all the amazing Dads. Thank you for the little & big things that you do. 🦋😊 https://t.co/fvN4VLq15E
06/21/20   @getBarterApp Waiting.... https://t.co/EowMQIYHRs
06/20/20   Father’s Day is tomorrow, if you’re anything like us you probably haven’t gotten anything for your dad.⠀ ⠀ You can… https://t.co/aPl1FgxizX
06/20/20   As a business owner, managing your employees & business during this pandemic can put a strain on you & that's why w… https://t.co/QHRlK4p3jz
06/19/20   If you're thinking about starting a business, you likely already have an idea of what you want to sell.… https://t.co/4RKHYRzqeU
06/18/20   RT @getBarterApp: Not every time love and light. Sometimes, credit alert. https://t.co/CjLrmWxRBN
04/30/20   RT @Princess_Zeee: @theflutterwave launches ‘Flutterwave Store’ to ensure businesses are able to #KeepTheLightsOn 🦋🦋🦋🦋
04/30/20   RT @JakeRBright: Latest @TechCrunch: Flutterwave launches African SME e-commerce portal, but has no intention of becoming Jumia, according…
04/30/20   RT @Reemtos: Your business doesn't necessarily have to experience a pause in this pandemic. We created something @theflutterwave to help #…
04/30/20   RT @segalink: Care to join us @theflutterwave in order to #KeepTheLightsOn? Take advantage of the benefits & injection of $10,000 AWS credi…
04/30/20   RT @OgundipeOre: Update: You can now ‘Be an angel’ 👼🏾from anywhere in the world - even without a Naira account. Thanks to @theflutterwave 💫…