API News

API Date Type Source Title
03/29/20   @sebastianaketi @pesapalcare @AIRTEL_KE Hello, please check the airtime balance. Msg:210:Transaction number R200329.1950.2200f8. ~NF
03/27/20   @KelMaundu Airtime was sent as seen below. R200327.1106.210003 confirmed. You have topped up 71047XXXX with Ksh. 5… https://t.co/3EXsEtjdzR
03/26/20   Need Airtime? Get 5% extra airtime when you top up on #PesapalMobile. Pay bila charges whether you use your card or… https://t.co/CByixS3FSt
03/26/20   Top up your airtime fast and easy via card or mobile money and get 5% bonus airtime only on #PesapalMobile:… https://t.co/Ykr6xjVFoS
03/25/20   @christianTmo @pesapalcare Confirmed. Both post paid transaction were processed successfully . Please check on your side. ^NDM
03/25/20   @christianTmo Sorry for the delay. Please DM the transaction details. ^NDM
03/25/20   @KiigenKoech Hello, kindly clarify on how we can assist^NMK
03/25/20   @kimreuben1 @SafaricomPLC Hello, kindly be advised the rates are regulated by safaricom^NMK
03/24/20   @Allanpetr Sorry for the delay. Please DM the transaction details to assist better. ^NDM
03/24/20   @MabukaMazuka @Safaricom_Care Please confirm your Mpesa balance. Refund effected. ^NDM
03/24/20   @KiratheMk @Safaricom_Care Amounts reversed. Please confirm from your Mpesa balance. ^NDM
03/24/20   @patrickndei Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We looking forward to improve our services for a better experience… https://t.co/aaMUElK5zB
03/22/20   @olmagogo @AIRTEL_KE @Safaricom_Care @chapchap Hi, Airtime was sent @ 2020-03-22 21:59:49 Please check balance^NG
03/21/20   @walubengovich @pesapalcare Welcome^NG
03/21/20   @walubengovich @pesapalcare Hi, kindly DM us if you have any pending transactions so we can assist.^NG
03/17/20   @kabwandi_ Good evening, Kindly DM transaction details so we check and advice. ^NJ
03/17/20   @Tabsa Kindly check your DM. ^NJ
03/17/20   Pesapal's official statement on the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to adhere to safety precautions provi… https://t.co/bbUspIbvt8
03/16/20   @mashtroy Hello,Apoligies for any inconvinience Kindly DM us the issue or assist us with a number we can reach you on^NM
03/15/20   @zjvideh Hello, the transaction was reversed. ~NF
02/05/20   @geonal @pesapalcare Hello,kindly Dm your email address to enable us trace the payment,^NS
02/05/20   @peter254ing Hello, Kindly check your DM.^NM
02/05/20   @Tru_Trev Hello, Kindly DM us the transaction details to enable us check and advise.^NM
02/05/20   @Videl_O @AIRTEL_KE Hello, Airtime was already sent @AIRTEL_KE will assist to transfer amounts to the correct number.^NM
02/05/20   @Videl_O Hello, we confirm Airtime was already sent R200205.1455.21008a to recharge 20 KSH to 736961545 is successf… https://t.co/nmgceSrv36