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Safaricom Transaction Status Use this API to check the status of transaction The Core Payment Platform For Banks, Payment Systems - is the Core Payment Platform for banks & FinTech
Segovia Segovia provides a secure, reliable platform for frontier market payments, with three functionalities: Pay: Fund locally, issue payments to mobile wallets...
ShoutOUT Customer messaging and engagement platform
Telerivet Cloud Script Telerivet's Cloud Script API lets you easily build powerful mobile messaging services on top of the Telerivet platform in just a few lines of code, without...
Telerivet REST Our world-class web messaging dashboard, contact and group management, and data storage is built right in – there's no need to build everything from scratch.
Telerivet Webhook API Telerivet's Webhook API allows your server to receive asynchronous event notifications from Telerivet, such as when an incoming message is received, when an...
Trupay We have designed our payment APIs to fulfil all your needs offering variety of payment solutions.
WeCashUp With WeCashUp, accept all the mobile payments in Africa
WeChat Pay The Chinese Payer shows their bar code or QR Code on WeChat's Quick Pay page to the Vendor to scan in order to pay directly.
WhatsApp Business For medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with customers all over the world, so you can connect with them on...
Xero Start building a custom integration or add-on with Xero accounting software. Partner with us today & see your products promoted to thousands of users!
Yes Bank YES BANK is the first in the Indian Banking Industry to digitize the B2B supply chain with the launch of ‘Application Programming Interface’ (API) banking...

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