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Elo Pricing API with dynamic availability of pricing information, by CNPJ, for transactions made by merchants in merchants.
ELO Provisional User Allows user registration in a simplified way facilitating the capture of user data in marketing campaigns, events, hackathons, workshops or through partners.
Elo Table of BINs Bins Table API allows the business to identify an Elo transaction and perform proper routing of authorization, and also enables the use of this information...
ELO Tokentization Tokens replace the actual card providing greater control and security of the sales / purchase transactions in addition to enabling new forms of payment.
ELO Transaction history Access individual or consolidated content of carrier transactions that have granted access to your data to enhance card or business store usage experience.
Flipkart Affiliates Offer APIs Offer APIs enable registered affiliates to get details on: - The complete list of active offers on Flipkart - The deals of the day
Flipkart Affiliates Product APIs Get details on (a) products in the actively marketed categories, (b) search for products based on keywords, (d) query based on Product ID
Flipkart Affiliates Report APIs The Report APIs allow registered affiliates to get reports of: - All affiliate-driven orders - All affiiate-driven Flipkart mobile app installations
Flipkart Listing Management API The Listing APIs enable a seller to use the Listing ID or SKU ID to check and update attributes such as MRP, selling price, stock count, shipping fee (local,...
Flipkart Marketplace Seller APIs The FMS APIs allow a seller’s applications to programmatically access and exchange data with the Flipkart Marketplace. They automate all business processes...
Flipkart Order Management API Standard Fulfilment and Self Ship APIs in the Order Management framework.
Flutterwave Compliance Our Compliance APIs can be combined with any API to build a suite of fraud prevention tools for your product & client.
Flutterwave Financial Information Financial Information APIs allows you to enquire for information about an account or card holder.
Flutterwave Get Paid Get Paid a full stack of APIs that offers the technology for merchants to be able to accept payments from cards and bank accounts and alternative payment...
Flutterwave Pay Pay APIs are a full stack of APIs that offers the technology for banks and licensed financial entities send payments to over 135 million bank accounts in...
GSMA Mobile Money The purpose of this site is to detail the design principles, objects, behaviours and error handling for the Mobile Money API.
Hover Customers leave your app, open their dialer or SIM tool kit, and then manually enter a long list of payment details. Not anymore. With Hover, ...
HyperVerge Face Matching Identity Verification 1:1 Face Match - The customer is asked to click a selfie and it is compared to the photo on the ID card to robustly verify the identity...
HyperVerge KYC India The customer clicks a photo of his ID document and details are extracted and stored with 99% accuracy
HyperVerge KYC Vietnam The customer clicks a photo of his ID document and details are extracted and stored with 99% accuracy

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