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Citi Philippines Customers Get approved access to shared Citi customer profile data for deeper engagement
Citi Philippines Onboarding Tap into the power of Citi acquisitions partner services
Citi Philippines Pay With Points Enable your app to accept Citi customers’ Citi rewards points to pay for their purchases
Citi Philippines Utilities Allow developers to get country specific variations
Citi Thailand Accounts The Accounts API allows you to retrieve account and transaction data for Citi Customers who have authorized your app. In most cases, you'll want to request a...
Citi Utilities Allow developers to get country specific variations.
Citi Vietnam Authorize Authorize is our implementation of the OAuth 2.0 framework. It enables secure authorization using standard methods that can easily be integrated in your app.
Citi Vietnam Onboarding The Onboarding API allows you to initiate the basic account opening process for new customers. The resources allow you to present eligible products, send...
Citi Vietnam Pay with Points Enable your app to accept Citi customers’ Citi rewards points to pay for their purchases.
Coins A Blockchain powered platform for financial inclusion
Data Zoo We bring a global identity solution that specialises in the APAC region for organisations to manage their AML/CT, KYC and age/identity verification. You can...
DropBuddies Delivery Using the Dropbuddies Delivery API, developers can integrate our on-demand local delivery platform into their applications.
EBANX Payment The Direct API of EBANX allows you to accept all payment methods – Boleto Bancário, Bank Transfers, and Credit/Debit Cards – directly on your domain. By...
EBANX Payout Processes payouts to merchants in Brazil via EBANX payments platform.
Eko Eko's APIs enable you to develop wallet services, payments and instant remittances in India
Elo Carrier Registration Facilitate the registration experience and customize the service experience on Elo platforms and Partner APPs.
Elo Facilitators Allows ELO partners to identify themselves as facilitators by associating their merchant data with a payment service provider, making transactions carried...
ELO Hardware Security Module HSM is a hardware dedicated to a variety of cryptographic operations such as encryption, key management, key exchange and decryption. This type of hardware...
ELO Insurance This API makes it possible to use the benefits of Travel Insurance, Extended Warranty Insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance by Elo cardholders.
ELO Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Elo offers through the P2P API the possibility of electronic transfer between 2 cardholders.

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