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API Summary
Banco Rendimento International Remittance and Currency Exchange Transactions Online exchange rate quotes, sending remittances abroad and opening international bank accounts
Banco Rendimento Investments Total control over your investments at any time and place
Banco Rendimento Opening Bank Accounts Opening bank accounts for your company and customers quickly and safely. Enable transactions on your platform without having to access another channel for...
Banco Rendimento Payments and Transfers Make payments of utility bills and several taxes as well as automate payroll and transfers
Banco Rendimento Prepaid Cards Issue and manage reloadable prepaid cards for your employees and customers. Indicated for business expenses, bonuses and travel expenses
Banco Safra SX2A Aggregating multiple accounts into a single application for a holistic financial health through AIS and enabling payments directly from a payment service...
Banco Votorantim Cash Management Platform for accounts aggregation and cash management
Banco Votorantim Credit Cards Open platform for credit card application and management
Banco Votorantim Personal Credit Open ecosystem for Personal loan applications
Banestes Boleto Simple Boleto Simples provides a simple and powerful REST API to integrate payments by bank slips into your website or application
Bangkok Bank Exchange Rates Service Daily and historical foreign exchange rates as announced by Bangkok Bank PCL
Bangkok Bank Fund Price Service Fund Prices
Bangkok Bank Interest Rates Service Latest and historical deposit interest rates as announced by Bangkok Bank PCL
Bangkok Bank Location Search Service Details of branch name, address, contact information, opening hours and services available
Bank Alfalah Accounts The Accounts API allows you to retrieve Balance inquiry,Account Information and Account Statement details for Bank Alfalah Customers
Bank Alfalah Bill Payment Services The Payment Solution API allows you to facilitate overall payment solution services
Bank Alfalah Biometric Verfications Fingerprint verification
Bank Alfalah E-Pay This product contains to be used for funds transfer and account linking through Bank Alfalah
Bank Alfalah Fund Transfer Service Fund Transfer APIs provide functions to transfer money between own accounts or to third parties within the bank and Outside the bank.This section showcases...
Bank Alfalah Rewards Rewards APIs provide functionalities to retrieve rewards balances, redeemed rewards and rebates including historical information. These APIs also provides...

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