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Orange SMS Middle East & Africa Engage with your users via SMS in the Orange Middle East & Africa footprint. Purchase SMS bundles with your Orange SIM card and get started in minutes.
Paga for Business Different RESTful web services Paga offers to businesses
Paga KYC This API is used to query the KYC status of Paga consumers. KYC Stands for “Know Your Customer”. Know your customer (KYC) policy is an important step...
Paga Merchant Notification Paga has created a standard set of web-services for 3rd party merchants to implement to enable further integration to Paga.
PayDunya Payment and Redistribution This option is very interesting if you want to create your own payment solution over PayDunya or if you have to pay a certain percentage for each sale. The...
PayDunya Payment without Redirection The "Payment Without Redirection (PSR)" service allows you to charge your PayDunya customers directly to your website or mobile application.
PayDunya Payment with Redirection PayDunya's "Payment With Redirection (PAR)" service allows you to redirect your customer to our platform so that it can complete the payment process. We...
PayFast PayFast is in the process of rolling out a fully-fledged RESTful API. The first endpoints available will be for the management of subscriptions, with further...
PayJoy Finance Partner
PayJoy Lock Lock or unlock any compatible device via a simple API. This can be used to increase approval rates, lower default rates, or keep pricing competitive.
PayJoy Retail Partner
PayMaya Checkout PayMaya Checkout enables your business to accept and process credit card and debit card payments. We provide a suite of APIs that allows you to easily...
PayMaya Payment Vault Payment Vault enables your web or mobile application to accept credit and debit card payments. It is easy to use, secure, and follows RESTful standards.
PayPal The PayPal REST API supports a number of countries and currencies. The REST API provides simple payment processing for common business needs, including...
PayPal Customer Disputes PayPal merchants, partners, and external developers can use the PayPal Customer Disputes API to list disputes, provide evidence, accept claims, show dispute...
Paypal Invoices Use the Invoicing API to create, send, and manage invoices. You can also use the Invoicing API or webhooks to track invoice payments.
PayPal Managed Accounts The Managed Accounts API enables a marketplace to add PayPal merchant accounts.
PayPal Orders Use the Orders API to create, show details for, authorize, and capture payment for orders.
PayPal Partner Referrals This API enables a marketplace to add PayPal merchant accounts.
PayPal Payment Experiences Use the Payment Experience API to create seamless payment experience profiles.

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