Union Bank Customer Bills Payment API

Name: Union Bank Customer Bills Payment
Description: The Customer Bills Payment API is one of the UnionBank Application programming interfaces (APIs) that allows your mobile application or website to facilitate bills payment requests from end-users who are UnionBank account holders. This enables customers and users that are UnionBank account holders to directly access their account via secured authentication of the UnionBank Customer Authentication API and initiate bills payment transactions. This API requires an access token and integration with UnionBank Customer Authentication to ensure that all transactions meet high security standards and authentication.
Use Cases: An application can allow their users to process bills payment from the user’s UnionBank account to accredited UnionBank billers. A payment counter can leverage on UnionBank’s bills payments platform and act like a physical branch that can process bills payment requests to accredited UnionBank billers account holders on behalf of their customers. A user can check the status of the transaction requested.
Company Profile: Union Bank of the Philippines
Developer Home: https://developer.unionbankph.com/product/docs/online-bills-payment
Use Cases: bill payments
Category: Money Movement

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