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Name: PayU LatAm
Description: PayU's API integration allows your business to process transactions from different types of applications (web, mobile, IVR, etc.)
Use Cases: Payments: PayU provides an API that allows your shop to process different types of transactions with multiple payment methods depending on the selected country. Queries: PayU provides an API that allows you to check the status of transactions that are generated from placed orders. Tokenization: The Tokenization product allows you to store your customers’ credit card data safely, through the creation of a token, with which you can make regular charges or implement 1 Click payment functionality, thus following PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)security standards handling credit card data. Recurring payments: Recurring payments are automated payments that are carried out periodically (daily, monthly, annually), of those consumption charges of goods or services such as memberships, subscriptions, policies or receipts with fixed value; that were previously authorized by the customer. Refunds: This feature allows you to request the cancellation and refund of transactions that were paid with credit card; and which for reasons of dissatisfaction of the buyer, multiple charges in the same purchase, or when the buyer requires the refund because he did not receive the product or service.
Company Profile: PayU LatAm
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Use Cases: transaction data authentication ecommerce payments recurring payments reversals
Business Model: developer pays
Category: Money Movement

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