Jenga Send Money API

Name: Jenga Send Money
Description: Mobile Payments, Bank Transfers, Card P2P, Cross Border & International Remittance
Use Cases: Send to one, send to many: JengaAPI provides a unique set of APIs that allow your applications to send payments to a single recipient using a single thread or send payments to multiple recipients using a multi thread. You may also send money via bulk array and objects APIs. Bank account transfers: JengaAPI eliminates the complexity of the banking system. We have purposefully gone out of our way to provide easy to use lookup APIs, user friendly errors, API references and documents. From a newbie to a guru, we provide you with simple services to integrate to the financial world. Card & fintech payments: From Visa, to Mastercard, China Union Pay to JCB, Dinners to AMEX, Maestro to Fintech type payments like Paypal, Alipay and WeChat. JengaAPI has incorporated the strong security and wide acceptance of these modes of payments and remittances in our APIs to power your business or application. Cross border remittances and international money transfer: Accept cross-border payments using common cross-border rails such as Paypal, Xoom, World Remit, Wave, Western Union, Money Gram, Hello Cash and many more. Integrate to our services and power the ever-growing intra-Africa and global trade and remittance services.
Company Profile: Finserve Africa
Developer Home:
Use Cases: P2P payments
Business Model: developer pays
Category: Money Movement

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