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Name: Ixopay
Description: Payment gateway. Depending on the payment method and connector configuration there are 4 different types of process flows
Use Cases: Debit: a "normal" payment. Debits the end customer with the given amount. Preauthorize: Reserves the payment amount on the customer's payment instrument. Capture: Completes a payment which was previously authorized with the Preauthorize method. Void: Cancels a previously performed Preauthorize Refund: Reverses a payment which was previously performed with Debit or Capture Payout: Credits the customer's account with the given amount Chargeback: a negative booking on the merchant's account which is triggered by the end customer Chargeback Reversal: reversal of a previous chargeback (usually when you won a chargeback dispute) Register: Registers a customer's payment instrument for future charges (see Recurring Transactions below) Deregister: Deletes a previously registered payment instrument.
Company Profile: Ixopay
Developer Home: https://gateway.ixopay.com/documentation/gateway?_ga=2.236837571.351084322.1587608010-226410870.1586748468
Use Cases: merchant payments ecommerce payments recurring payments reversals B2B payments
Category: Money Movement

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