ICICI Recurring Deposit API

Name: ICICI Recurring Deposit
Description: A complete bouquet of APIs for authenticated customers to have access to information pertaining to their accounts and transactions. The offering provides robust and flexibility access to information for customers from everything ranging from - account balance, mini-statements, transaction status or raising service requests. This is the one-stop shop to provide you with a plethora of accessibility to one's banking portfolio. If you are a fintech or aggregator who wants to integrate with our services to provide world-class user experience for your users based on the authentication provided by customers, do check out our offerings. Leverage Accounts and Deposits related APIs to create innovative solutions in the space of accounts creation & management, to facilitate not just creating of various types of accounts but to provide capabilities to view and manage the status, transactions and lifecycle. As an aggregator this is a useful set of APIs to leverage on the bank’s account related services.
Use Cases: Recurring Deposit APIs - APIs to facilitate creation, status checks, servicing and closure of recurring accounts.
Company Profile: ICICI Bank
Developer Home: https://developer.icicibank.com/#/rootdetails/209
Use Cases: profile management
Category: Ecosystem Expansion

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