dlocal Payins API

Name: dlocal Payins
Description: dLocal helps merchants accept payments in emerging countries, by supporting all the local payment methods available in each region including: International and local credit/debit cards Bank Transfers E-wallets Direct debit Cash payments.
Use Cases: Security: Learn how to set up the headers for making API requests, and encrypt sensitive information. Payment Methods: See the payment methods available by country Payments: Learn how to make payments with all payment methods Refunds: Learn how to make refunds Orders: Get information about your orders. Installments: Make payments in installments Saving Cards: Learn how to securely save cards for recurring payments Currency Exchange: Get the exchange rate between any two currencies
Company Profile: dlocal
Developer Home: https://docs.dlocal.com/solutions/payins
Use Cases: reversals merchant payments
Category: Money Movement

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