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This dashboard, sponsored by the CGAP Open API Program, provides industry information on the availability of open APIs by Digital Financial Service (DFS) and related providers in Africa, East Asia, South Asia and Latin America.

Open APIs in DFS are important because they connect third-parties to established financial service providers, essentially turning providers’ platforms into “digital rails” that third-parties can leverage to deliver innovative services that address needs of many customers.

The data in this dashboard showcases which businesses are already beginning to open up their digital rails, how they are engaging with third party developers, and what apps and products are being built that are relevant for low income citizens, businesses and households.

Where are DFS-related Open APIs available?

APIs by Region


This QuarterLast QuarterChange
Total APIs in Sector 314 282 11%
Companies Offering 72 59 22%
What Are Some Examples of Apps and Products Being Built using these APIs?

Name: Numida
Category: Data
APIs used: Beyonic
Overview: Allows small businesses to track expense and sales data, provides coaching, and assists with building evidence of creditworthiness
Payments: Payments
Overview: Fees collection system for schools and education payments plans for parents
Name: CredPad
Category: Lending
APIs used: Visa Checkout
Overview: Ecommerce tool that allows buyers to pay for purchases with an instalment plan and allows merchants to offer credit

LendingUser Experience (UX)Savings
Category: Lending
Overview: Uses data on online sales from MercadoLibre APIs to calculate new credit scores and offer microloans to previously undeserved small businesses
Name: KivaLens
Category: UX
APIs used: Kiva
Overview: A new user interface that makes use of Kiva data to better display available loans and current repayments data in order to support new lenders to make loan decisions
Name: Piggybank
Category: Savings
APIs used: Flutterwave Pay
Overview: A savings app that debits user’s bank account at agreed intervals to store in a “locked account” that then uses Flutterwave to disburse the savings payment in total on an agreed set date.

Name: Paylater
Category: Lending
APIs used: Paystack
Overview: Small business and personal loan product that uses Paystack’s payments APIs to transfer short term loans and to ensure loan repayments are made on agreed schedule.
Category: Ecommerce
APIs used: Pesapal
Overview: A ticketing website that allows users, including small businesses, creatives, and non-profits to register and sell event tickets.
Name: Buzigo
Category: Ecommerce
Overview: A second-hand goods and freelance jobs platform that can list available goods and services within Orange telco’s non-smart phone text menu options.

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